Our Classes

Our members look forward to sharing our tradition with all who seek to walk the path.

We are, and have always been, a teaching group. However, we are also a private, small group that enjoys the support and spiritual dimensions that one can only reach in such an atmosphere. All classes are in-person and not online.

Periodically, we open our doors to new students. Candidates are interviewed and selected to attend our 13-lesson Pagan-level class. During this time, students attend regular classes as well as a few Sabbats and moon rituals. It is a wonderful introduction to the Pagan way and a means for everyone in the Temple to get to know each other.

Pagan Introductory Classes cost $130 per student and include 13 lessons and invitation to rituals. This cost covers supplies and teaching materials, equalling out to $10 per class.

Upon completing the Pagan class, you will be offered a Pagan Dedication. At that point, you are not obligated to join our Temple; nor does this ceremony guarantee acceptance into our Temple. Our inner council will selectively decide whether to admit you for further studies. Advanced studies progress through three levels of initiation to priestess or priesthood.

For more information about the Temple, our tradition, and classes, please email us at info@risingphoenixtemple.com.