Mother Temple: Temple of the Rising Phoenix (1982)

Daughter Covens: Der Hain dem Regenbogen Hexen (1985, Germany), Earth Haven (1989, Austin), Harvest Wood (1998, Charlotte), Circle of the Sphinx (2003, England), Grove of the Ancient Echoes (2004, Atlanta), Blue Lotus Grove (2010, Atlanta), Innana's Well (2013, Philadelphia), Grove of the Golden Phoenix (2021)

Granddaughter Covens: Phoenix Moon (1999, Austin), Lichtspinnen (1988, Germany)

Great-Granddaughter Coven: Oak Henge (2010, Austin), AlbHexen (2002, Germany)

Great-Great-Granddaughter Coven: Shadow Wolf Coven (2017, Austin)

Lady Magdalena: High Priestess, Crone, Elder, Witch Queen,
Mother and Founder of the Temple of the Rising Phoenix

Lord Myrddin: High Priest, Sage, Elder,
Magus and Founder of the Temple of the Rising Phoenix

The following Priests and Priestesses have been initiated by The Temple of the Rising Phoenix. Some are still active within the Temple and others have become leaders of Daughter covens which have hived over the years.

Lord Garanhir
Lady River
Lady Delia
Lady Avesta
Lady Maya
Lady Rain
Lady Eliana
Lady Galatea
Lord Luminias
Lady Miraselena
Lady Diganea
Lady Emrys
Lady Seyani
Lord Lucian